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Welcome to Galago Medical, Our special place for the delicate yet fascinating area of Medical Simulations

During the years, our team had the pleasure to work alongside many doctors and hospitals, creating high quality medical simulations

About us

When you need a 3D Medical Simulation you will need to contact a studio that has an extensive experience in the medical field. 

That is exactly what we provide, Our team in Galago Medical has years of proven experience in the field of Medical Simulations, We met many doctors during the years, watched many surgeries and procedures and worked alongside many doctors, side by side during many 3D simulation creation processes

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Why do you need
a Medical Simulation?

Today in order to demonstrate a medical procedure, you don't need to get a camera and insert it to the surgery room, Today with the help of 3D Simulations, You can demonstrate any medical procedure you want to, in the most cleanest and understandable way, If you have an idea, a medical tool or a surgery you would like to demonstrate to the world. our experienced team will make it possible.

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Photo Realistic

The 3D tools let us create a photo realistic HD quality of the medical procedure

Medical Simulations

Take any medical surgery and create it in a clan and photo realistic 3D environment

3D Medical Tools

Create any 3D model of any medical tool you desire, for a movie or for a 3D printer

Medical procedurs

The freedom to create your vision, To demonstrate any medical procedures existed or not

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